Woolen Carpets (Thumsey Dens)

Thick and heavy carpets made of pure sheep wool and comes in different sets suitable for your sofas, dewans, beds and car seats. They are adorned with intricate designs and motifs depicting mythical birds, flowers like the lotus, snow lions, eight Buddhist lucky signs etc. All the carpets are hand knotted and woven in fixed vertical looms which are kept standing with the support of a wall. The overall effect on the carpet is a single, powerful, bold design. The woolen yarn is colored using vegetable and natural dyes to obtain the right color and blend.


These are religious wall hung scrolls of Tibetan Buddhist paintings on cotton, or silk appliqué, usually depicting a Buddhist deity, scene, or mandala, richly fabricated or even embroidered in some cases. Thangka paintings are valued for their aesthetic beauty and primarily for their use as aids in meditation practices. Practitioners use thangkas to develop a clear visualization of a particular deity, strengthening their concentration, and forging a link between themselves and the deity. Historically,thangkas were also used as teaching tools to convey the lives of various masters. A teacher or lama would travel around giving talks on dharma, carrying with him large thangka scrolls to illustrate his stories.

Choktse Tables (Traditional Folding Tables)

CHOKTSES are small wooden tables which are intricately carved,painted and polished.The tables are fold able,portable and are made in varying designs and dimensions.They are Tibetan in origin.They are made from wood locally known as kath or tsingh.The various parts of the table are first cut from wood and then carved.The pattern to be carved is transferred on the wood with the help of a paper stencil.The craftsmen are very proficient in drawing complex motifs freehand without using any reference. Various drill and chisels are used to complete the carvings/engravings. The choktse is then sanded properly to smooth the surface,coated with primer and dried.The colors are painted according to a sequence. Red, blue, green,pink, orange, chocolate-brown and golden are used.