Cuisines Of Sikkim

Your travel to Sikkim is not complete without tasting some of the mouth watering dishes/cuisines here. Essentially rice is a staple diet here but there are a plenty of the local dishes/cuisines to choose from. With strong influence of a mixture of Nepali, Indian, Tibetan and of course tribal culinary ingredients there is enough to give you unique flavors and twists to delight your palate. Also, available are a range of local drinks from home brewed to factory produced to accompany your gastronomical adventures.

Momos or Dumpling

Momo or Dumplings is very popular Tibetan delicacy in Sikkim. It is prepared by stuffing minced meat, vegetables or cheese in flour dough and then moulding them in the form of dumplings. These are then steamed for about half an hour in a three tiered utensil. The steam from the soup being prepared in the lowest tier rises through the perforations in the utensil and cooks the dumpling. The momos are consumed piping hot with soup and homemade chilly sauce.

Thukpa or Gyatuk

Is is yet another dish that contain noodles with soup. It is originally a Tibetan dish which is of vegetable or non-vegetable type. People of Sikkim make this dish in their own style that makes unique in taste.


Sikkim has 70% Nepali community which makes seal roti a famous food. It is made during occasion or a festival. It has a round spiral shape of 4-5 circle and made up of flour (grinding the rice in to flour) and deep fried. Served with either veg or non-veg curries, the rotis are a delight.


Gundruk is an ancient home made traditional food. It is made up of fermented mustard leaves or other spinach products which are sun dried after fermentation and stored for consumption. These are later used for soups, curries and pickles. Sinki soup is another variation to this where in place of leaves vegetables, preferably raddish is fermented and stored, to be served as soup or pickles.


Bamboo shoot is another commonly used ingredient in local food. Fresh bamboo shoot called Tama is often used with pork to make an irresistible curry to Mesu, a traditional fermented bamboo shoot product used to make pickles.

Other Gastronomical Delights....

An exhaustive list of other gastronomical delights are to pick and choose from as follows: Sisnu(stinging needle), Phing ( Glass noodles), Shya Phaley( meat stuffing), Sikkimese Tea( salty), Kinema( fermented soyabeans), Gyari( Steak), Gya Kho (chimney soup).